Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Raw Rhythm Festival in Amsterdam..Ryan Leslie =]

Ryan Leslie @ Raw Rhythm Festival Amsterdam from Ryan Leslie on Vimeo.

Oh how i would absolutley LOVE to see this man right here perform live! I absoulutley love this man right here..he is truley a musical genius he produce all his songs..he inspires me to wana start to produce lol. just type in his name on youtube and you'll see him producing songs tha real way. He is so talented and helps out people all over not to mention his swag is oh so dapper lol. i love this song hes performin in this vid called "You're not my girl" i think its gona be on his next album.cant wait till that comes out <3..his music is like grown and sexy feel good music lol and i love thats like 1 of my goals to see this man perform live cuz ive seen his performances lik on youtube and stuff and its like he brings so much energy to tha stage as yu can see lol and he alwys has a live band with him..this man is something else a true icon.

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