Sunday, September 27, 2009

Editorial Rag: Rock-a-billy

we swanky..we swaggin

Nike Sportswear - Air Royal Mid Quickstrike - Workboot

awsume sace


so i come home from staying with my dad for the weeknd and my mother takes off the scarve on her head and her hair was gone! well not completley gone buh yea its RLLY short..nd i kinda had a feelin tht wat happen wen i came home cuz her hair was lik rlly comin out last week..tha short hair actually looks good on her buh its weird im so use to my mother havin this lik pretty long curly hair nd now its gone..lik ive seen pics of her from bck in tha day where she use to have these cute short cut hairstyles..she wnt today to luisas nd luisa cut it for her..nd luisa was kinda freakin out cuz her own siser jus wnt threw i was tld..i wntd to take a pic to show u guys buh she didn wnt me to take a pic which i understand..this is only the beginning..only the beginning..

Monday, September 14, 2009

Visvim - Fall/Winter 2009 Collection - Delivery 2

These pastel colored Hockney's are dope

BBC | Ice Cream - Fashion’s Night Out | With Pharrell Williams

Last Friday evenings Fashion’s Night Out event in New York was an astounding success as thousands of shoppers flooded the streets all over the city, including the neighborhood of SoHo. Among the stores on “the must visit list” of many was BBC | Ice Cream on West Broadway, where Pharrell Williams greeted fans at the store. Around 800 people, many since 9 am in the morning, lined for the special session. The highlight of the evening came when Pharrell unexpectedly ran out of the store to greet someone in a passing limousine, ensuing a brief chase by fans and shoppers down West Broadway.

mah mafuckin manz'z and shit..

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these r my besties dawg..i tell em erything brittani a.k.a bunjoant =] tha loudest tht syces erything rachelle is tuff as shit lik i seriously dnt think ppl noe hw tuff this grl is lol and me tha unique wierd silly one..buh yea i luv these grls to death. <3

Spring 2010 | Victor Glemaud

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Cook Out

so my gma had a labor day cook was koool lol rach and brit came and we jus syced everything tha whole day lol. soooo mch yummy food my gma made =]. my gma alwys cooks these lik feasts wen theres an important holiday..even doe labor day isnt tha most important haha. and my fam came dwn from brooklyn like always lol.that was a nice long weekend haha..i love mah manz brittani and rachelle <3 it was also my daddys bday and we wer also celebrating my gmas since hers is coming thts a long time..i love my gma sooo mch dude..haha my cuz alana had me dyin tht whole weeknd i love her dearly also =]

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

1st week of school..

So like last week was the 1st week of skool..and i can honestly say it wasnt bad at classes are decent..i like all of them..except spanish 5! ugh tht class is too sick of spanish im tryna switch out..but um yea like it was cool..met a few new ppl..and tlkd with ppl ive seen before but never rlly talked to..i mean sb is still dry but its aite...bait? idk i havnt rlly seen any lol..idc i alrdy got my list lol and thn of course my phone wants to fucking die an not charge wen skool strts buh its aite daddy sed he got me the envy 3 lol i gues i'll get it 2mrw..also mamas 1st chemo treatment is 2mrw and we have these bracelets where erytime she finishes a chemo we move one bracelet to tha other arm..i think thts prtty kool..but anyways i think this year will be prtty kool and chill. i just wana get this year ovr with.

Label Rag: Leopold S/S 2010 Lookbook-’One summer Afternoon…’