Sunday, February 28, 2010

Model City

i LOVE this show. nice to see the life and obstacles a colored model has to go through. it doesnt hurt that they are hott too haha =p


woooow. i havnt updated this joant in a min.! i feel lik i have negelected my blog! thats not good. never again! skools been giving alot of work man. but everythings all good. my mom finished radiation treatment lik last week! im soo happpy and proud of her. she even got a little certificate saying like good job and stuff and the staff that works their even signed the back! and lik in march me her and my gma nd sum homies are gona go do a cancer walk its like lonnnggg as shit! i 4got how many miles but yea im excited for that.but yea i needa work harder cuz i feel like i have been slacking a little already in this 3rd quarter. wtf is wrong with me idk. leme finish my junior year strong man! so i can get into a fucking decent college. im soo excited for summer lik im def. getting my permit(yea i still dont have it) lol my ma sed shes gona help me work on that. getting me a job. tryna work at urban outfitters lik shti! DISCOUNTS LIKE SHIT!!yea partying lik shit. this summers gona b guud i can feel it. ahh guess thats it.

-much love too solo dolo

Sunday, February 7, 2010


sooo yeaaa i think im gona remeber this blizzard for lik ever. 30 innches of snow! thats crazy nd today nd yesterday i had to dig my freakin mothers car out of the snow that was sooo hard to do becuz the snow got neighbor hood looks a mess all these piles of snow every where cuz we hav no where to put it! but after all tht shoveling i had soo mch fun playing in it wif my neighbors nd even my mami nd gma was throwin snowballs at me nd eachother haha. prolly wont hav skool for this whole week. blizzard of 2010 was a mess but fun lol