Friday, July 23, 2010


sooo its like 1:36 am as Im typing this. I cant sleep and bored so Im just making this post on my blog for no reason. i gotta wake up early to go to Ocean City for the 1st time  2mrw..yea i know its ashame i live in maryland and never been to OC. i think i'll like it. man im hungry well let me try and go to sleep. OH WAIT i had my senior pics on tuesday and THEY LOOK LEGIIIIITTTTTTT =] my mom was actually in there watching me while I was smiling posing all of that and she looked so happy and like she was about to cry. I asked her if she was gona cry at graduation she said she was gona do a handstand on stage LMAO. shes such a fool and funny thing is i can imagine her doing it which makes me lauughhhhh like shiht thinking about it.  but i think my mom is gona cry because for a min...i dont think she thought i'd make it to walk across the stage..but i will..i am..most definetly. okay im going to sleep now..BYE mi gente =]

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jarek Pietka by Łukasz Pukowiec in Two Faces Man

dope outfits

Marc Massa by Eli Schmidt for And Men


4th of July

RIP Grandpa <3lmao ghetto ass popcorn MINE!wish that was his car likkkeeemy first gelato so gooodtake notes ladiesthisdamn bird lol