Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This is what I've been waiting for..This is my time to shine..My year..2011

Ugh..I know I barely post anything on this blog anymore and I am sorry for that but tumblr seems to hold my interest better. Lol I will still post on here when ever I feel the need to do so but for now catch me at http://lamodayamor.tumblr.com/ . 2010was an okay year for me. I mean school wise I did alright. I could have def. done better. This year really did teach me many things. I think the whole thing with my mom having breast cancer and seeing her at her worst made me grow up in some ways.  I had to take on alot more responsibilities which I think was a good thing for me..I think I needed that. 2011 is here now. Wow graduation in 5 months...LEGGGOOOOOO SHAUUUUWN! I shwear this school year has been going by fasssssttttt..and Im so glad.Im going to live 2011 to the fullest because this is MYYYYY year..& NOBODY is going to stop me shauun..