Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Website

I made my own website showcasing my photography and for anyone in the DMV area to contact me If they need a photographer for an event. My website is! go check it out my dudeksees! Now that that's out the way...TAXI'S SONA QUI! SONA QUI SONA QUI! CHEAUUH BUDDYY I had to do it shaun lol. Im not going to type a whole  harry potter book on this post I just wanted to hipp you too my new website and ohhh AUHHH YEAUHH I GOT A B IN SUMMER SCHOOL YEAUUHHH! see I did exactly what  I said I would. My fam is happy im finally getting my act together . And summer school is actually way harder than reg. school because everything is condensed into 3 weeks brah! I just focuseed like binoculars and It paid off..only If I did that a few months ago smdreads. Its all good one down one more to go...and then I can move the fack on..