Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Antony Morato Spring/Summer 2010 Campaign | Simon Nessman by Joseph Cardo

WOW! i digg the outfits..fits my style...and i love when models angle their bodies different ways..makes the photo more interesting and abstract.. not to mention this model is gorgeous yaooo!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Haiti Earthquake Growing Unrest: Who's Rescued First?

Growing Unrest: Who's Rescued First?

i was watching 20/20 tha other night and i was almost in tears man. this is no joke. just knowing this could happen anywhere even here is scary. i feel soooooo soo bad for the people in haiti. they really have endured alot throughout the years. they have been hated on by alot of diff. races. i wuld love to go dwn and help out man. 2mwr me my mother grandmother and frend r going to do community services at tha marriot hotel. but also they are going to have things to help out the people in haiti and that is why my mom and gma wanted to do this. im pleading ppl to do what they can to help out the people in haiti. 2mrw is mlk day..i think everybody should do some community service 2mrw...

Monday, January 11, 2010


today was a terrible! got my phone taken nd realized i shuld never rlly care too much abt a female cuz if something happens or they switch up on yu u wont feel so bad. its fnny cuz i never lik cared this mch abt a grl idk y i let myself..not happening agn. im good now i had my day vented a lil. now i culd care less.shes not even lik wow such tha bait. she aite. ijust feel lik i had to bring up tha subject to get tha truth out of her. wat if i didnt? wat if i didn see tht on fb? then i wulda been left not knowing hw she was feeling towards me. mayb she wulda tld me sumtime this week but idk. who caares. jus getting sum thoughts out.thts still my freakin manz doe. i dnt get mad ovr dumb shit lik this i jus had my day today. damn i sound lik a fucking grl going on abt this. this isnt normally me. lmao. idk ijst had a bad day so i wntd to write abt it. 2010 new year new bait no drama. oh yes =]. p.s...i think 4rm now on im only fucking with dominican grls rofl. strate like tht.