Friday, November 18, 2011


some of you may or may not know that I started DJing recently. I love it. I'm not half bad either. Once I practice a bit more and feel right, I will start DJing at parties and ish. In the mean time peep some of my mixes on my sound cloud!   =^D

Saturday, October 15, 2011

soooooooooooo bassicallllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....I am now offically an American Apparel Employeeeeeee #cheauhhb-b-budddyyyyyyy. ! Im so happy I got the job and I probably be starting this coming week sometimes. I just got to do like maddd donald trump isssh first with the paper work and everything. and training. But she wants me to start ASAP. my  shuwagginton is really about to be on speed raceeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.I think this will be very good for me. I'll be learning new stuff meeting some new rachet people like me hopefully lmao. I think I need this. And the pay is kind of legitskeeeeeeeeeeess. plus extra $$ to buy your shuwagg!? not to mention the employee discount. hellll cheauuuh. sure as hell beats slaveway.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Website

I made my own website showcasing my photography and for anyone in the DMV area to contact me If they need a photographer for an event. My website is! go check it out my dudeksees! Now that that's out the way...TAXI'S SONA QUI! SONA QUI SONA QUI! CHEAUUH BUDDYY I had to do it shaun lol. Im not going to type a whole  harry potter book on this post I just wanted to hipp you too my new website and ohhh AUHHH YEAUHH I GOT A B IN SUMMER SCHOOL YEAUUHHH! see I did exactly what  I said I would. My fam is happy im finally getting my act together . And summer school is actually way harder than reg. school because everything is condensed into 3 weeks brah! I just focuseed like binoculars and It paid off..only If I did that a few months ago smdreads. Its all good one down one more to go...and then I can move the fack on..

Friday, July 8, 2011

Platano Shwagg Update..

ZAAAAAAAAM! Im not gonna lie I def. completly forgot all about this blog >.< . I just happen to open blogger on accident and I thought I make a post about whats going on with me since I havnet posted shiii since January #smdreads. Im not trying to write a biography and shii but I feel like sharing a little of whats going on. The main dilema thats happen to me is.....wait you might want to sit down for this shaun. lol well lets just say somebody..didnt graduate from high school #foreverafuckgirl. lol. its mad embarassing man I was sad for like a week. & not only is it embarassing for me but also for mi familia. do you know my mother cried on the day i was suppose to graduate!? ='^( it broke my heart.  But I told myself I can't sit around and be depressed all summer . I need to do EVERYTHING it takes to move forward and be succesful because im telling you man I have big plans. What I have to do is summer school. Summer school starts on July 19 & thank god its only for 2 weeks. But Im def. striving for an A in summer school i refuse to get any less! Please, let me be you guy's motivation too actually want too graduate and not be like me. It was pure laziness of why I didn't graduate. Not even coming into class somedays, doing bad on assignments. 1000% my fault. In a not graduating was a good thing for me and it was needed. I say this because it was the biggest wake up call  I ever got in my life. & a needed one at that. I was too rachet for my own good. Quite frankly heading down a bad path, which my parents think im still headed down. But I will prove them wrong. Im slowly realizing I need to grow up. I think Im always going to be a big ass kid at heart but I need to get myself together and stop being a fuck girl. Oh yeah I have to either take a English class at MC this fall & it transfers back to my highschool or go back to Springbrook and take a high school plus class after school for my english credit...because i failed Alg. 2 and Honors English and I cant take both of them at summer school. I made it 100X more difficult to get where i need to be at but hey what can i do accept do that issssh 100%. So no matter how much you hate school or get lazy BUST IT OUT please. It will only benefit you in the long run.  Lesson of the day: You can not skate by in life...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This is what I've been waiting for..This is my time to shine..My year..2011

Ugh..I know I barely post anything on this blog anymore and I am sorry for that but tumblr seems to hold my interest better. Lol I will still post on here when ever I feel the need to do so but for now catch me at . 2010was an okay year for me. I mean school wise I did alright. I could have def. done better. This year really did teach me many things. I think the whole thing with my mom having breast cancer and seeing her at her worst made me grow up in some ways.  I had to take on alot more responsibilities which I think was a good thing for me..I think I needed that. 2011 is here now. Wow graduation in 5 months...LEGGGOOOOOO SHAUUUUWN! I shwear this school year has been going by fasssssttttt..and Im so glad.Im going to live 2011 to the fullest because this is MYYYYY year..& NOBODY is going to stop me shauun..