Wednesday, July 29, 2009


this week has been absolutley terrible..yesterday i found out my mother has breast soo shocked lik i nvr thought this wuld even happen..2daii tha doctor tld me they hav to remove tha breast and and spread to under her arm a lil which they r also gona remove..buh shes still gona need chemo. erything is def. gona b diff..i hav to take on alot more resposibility especailly since ima only child..i was tryna b strong for my mother 2dai buh i culdn help it tears jus strtd rolling dwn my face like it was nuffin. they hav to do sum more test to make sure tha cancer didn spread newhere else and i pray to god it a lil better now buh im still in shock..all i can do is have faith and pray and b strong for my mother..the doctor kept tellin me theres no reason why we cannot beat this..and hes right...this is a huge wake up call..words of advice..spend as mch time as yu can with ur loved ones becuz yu rlly dont noe wat can happen to them 2mrrw...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dude..its G Shock duuhh..

Casio G-Shock - “Shock The World” Tour 2009 - Asia Editions

Nike Sportswear- Fall/Winter 2009- Air Trouble Mid “So Light”

New from Nike Sportswear as a part of the Fall/Winter 2009 collection is a new Air Trouble Mid “So Light” featuring a very popular cosmic print that had been adapted onto t-shirts and various designers’ collections. The psychedelic cosmic print is set off with an elastic neon purple cut-out heel panel with “Nike” embroidered on it in black. The Swoosh extends all the way back to the heel stripe and the soles are black just like the other upper panels that accent the shoes. These kicks come with a “So Light” lace tag that could be commenting on the Nike Air Technology used on these shoes. These are just the right amount of funky to go with the wintry black and neutral wardrobe...DOPE

Friday, July 24, 2009


sooooooooooooo like aug 4 or 7th i 4get wat my ma sed..going on vacation finally! buh nothing big this year jus going to ocean city..its fnny cuz i was born and raised in maryland yet ive never been to o.c wierd huh? ppl sed its pretty fun so thts gud. next year i will most likely go on a big vacation i was tlkin to my mama abt us going to Brazil =]. i hope we do mann soo many pretty gurls haha. neways i hope eryones having a great summer =] god bless.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shoe Rag: Vael A/W 09 Collection

absoulutley love these types of shoes <3 these are soo dope Vael shoes cannot b catogorized there shoes r a cross between dress shoes and sneakers and i think its dope..need to get me sum of these! check out there shoes at

Shop Rag: Marc By Marc Jacobs A/W 09 Arrival at

Dopeness at its best...Label rag: Creep S/S 2010 Collection

Sunday, July 12, 2009


to yu..its miss model..

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dapper...Label rag: Dunhill by Kim Jones S/S 2010 backstage snapshots


sooo today i got bangz..i wanted to see hw i wuld look wif them and...I LUV EM =]haha. do yu think i look older or yonger wif bangz??? idk lol. i actually like this pic of me and mama..eryone says we look like sisters i only think i look like her a lil. lol