Thursday, December 31, 2009

Spring 2010 | Opening Ceremony x Pendleton

plaid plaid plaid! yummy <3

Vampire Weekend!

I LOOVVVVEEEE THEM. the best indie pop group! they kind of have a little bit of a folk sound too that i just love. ever since "a-punk" i fell in love with these guys.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 09!

this christmas was fun with my fam. i wasnt expecting much this christmas becuz of erything with my mom but i got alot of money i didnt think i was going to get this much money! i didnt rlly get lik a major present tht was lik wow! except the ryan leslie cd =] hehe.but a present i rlly love that i got this year was some jewlery my gma brought back for me from egypt. i dropped that owl neckalace she got for me from greece dwn tha sink! like last month i was soooo blown! but she brought me a neffertiti head all gold abt tha same size as that owl neckalace. i love it! i immediatley put it on! she brought alllooot of stuff bck from egypt and gave it to us as christmas gifts. i love my gma man shes so outgoing and makes frends with everyone! anyone that comes to my gmas house alwys falls in love with her. and she'll feed you to death!!!! shes tha best cook ever!! this christmas turned out better than i expected it to be. i wuldnt say it was tha best christmas..just better than expected..i hope everyone else had a nice christmas as time to bring in the newyear. 2010..alrdy wow. one more year and i leave boring time flys man..i wnt to make a change in 2010 lik something drastic. mayb i'll cut my hair rlly short? idk iwas thinking abt it..who noes. lets see wat 2010 has in store shall we?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The name Ms.Solo Dolo...

so alot of people have been asking me what exactly ms. solo dolo means and why thts my nick name. so im here to tell you..yes there is a song called "Mr. Solo Dolo" by kid cudi and yea i like tha song but thats not rlly why i call myself ms. solo dolo. solo dolo to me is like saying your independent. like you dont need to rely on other people for things or to get things done. like you dont HAVE to always have someone with you to get things done. if i have an important mission to make and i'll prolly ask ppl to come with..but ppl act sketchy sumtimes..tryna hold u up from wat yu need to get done. and i dnt have time for all that i'll just make that mission by myself. i really dont try to rely on people for things becuz its alwys "oh im so srry but blah blah blah happnd" always an excuse. so i get things done by myself. i can say i am independent. maybe its becuz im an only child who noes..i mean i love meeting new ppl love making new frends nd everything i jus try not to rely on anyone. becuz at the end of the day all i have is me, myself, and i...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Ryan Leslie: Zodiac

This is my JAM! ryan leslie relaxes me =]

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Brutus | Luuk Brans by Kazuhiro Fujita

love love love these outfits. esp. the cropped pants

Spring 2010 | Closed

Jon Korta Jarena For Cafe


AHHHHHHHH! i love snow but this was a lil too much! i was stuck home all daii! i tried to sled buh it didn quite work the snow was too thick! haha oh well. i helped my mommy shuvle nd stuff i shulda got paid lol

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Omahyra Mota

i totally love this chica rite here! i noe yu guys have seen her mayb in fashion week or hw bout the "change clothes" video by pharrell and jay z? jajaja yea i love her style it kind of reminds me of mine..shes very edgy nd does alot of goth looks..i thought she was gay buh shes not! well i think shes bi..cuz rite now she has a bf..lolshe jus has a diff style...shes one of my idols now. shes been around for a lil while since lik 2000 or 2001 somein lik tht..nd plus shes dominican too! whoop whoop! shes one of my inspirations 4real..she models both men and women clothing which is wat i alwys wntd to do! and still want too..i WILL become something like edgy model that can model both men and womens clothing and who wont give a fuck <3