Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Go Brooklyn,Go Brooklyn

I like this Urban Outfitters in downtown Brooklyn. The clothes are set up much neater than here in Georgetown. Also the sales people are really nice! and people are shopping calm not all loud and wild like in Georgetown lmao
Idk why but I really love this telephone for some reason. Found it walking around the Marriott.
I love crop tops. They had some cute ones at Ameican Apparel in Brooklyn. I'd buy a million of em..too bad Springbrook Highschool is pressed about everything. Watch me still wear em regaurdless haha!UO. got this cool blazer.Bottles on deckk!! lmao=[ my cuz is leaving! bittersweet.I <3 this pic<3ew i look fatLol we thug in these streets sawwn!Only in BKLMAO sawwn.TRUE. Im still workin on her! second home..

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