Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Coming to a Close..

Summer 2010 is coming to its end. Im a little sad but then again Im not. Im ready for this school year my LAST year at the dryest school around..Springbrook Highschool lol. Im ready to work my hardest really I am. No excuse this time.No Bullshitting. I am not gona let anybody stop me from doing my best this year. So im going to make the last weeks of this summer and reach out to people I havent seen or talked to in a while. But Im ready for this year. Oh and I want  to wish all mi gente going off to college the BEST OF LUCK. Do what you gotta do stay focused and have it up of course lol. I tell people to stay focused beacuse a lot of people somewhere down the line tend to loose focus even if its just for a litlle including me. Def. Me. But we gotta get back on track. So we can be successful. And dont be afraid to learn. Be open minded. Be open to learn new things. You'll be suprised. If you have a question about something or even just curious about anything even something dumb. LOOK IT UP. Ive been doing that a lot lately and have been fascinated about the things I come across or learn about. Just be open to learn I mean thats what college is for right?? =]...And my cousin is going off to college veryyy soon *sigh* Im soo happy for her. I'll miss her doe. Shes the closest thing I have to a sister. Im reminising of all the times at Grandmas house. All the late nights talking and reading me bedtime storys LOL. IDC I STILL LOVE ME SOME BEDTIME STORIES! But its all good we are gonna have it up for the last time this weeknd when I come up to Brooklyn. Geesh Im acting like shes gona die lol But yea Im rambling its late and I dont feel like typing anymore. So I leave you all with a ......BURRRRR! =]

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