Friday, July 8, 2011

Platano Shwagg Update..

ZAAAAAAAAM! Im not gonna lie I def. completly forgot all about this blog >.< . I just happen to open blogger on accident and I thought I make a post about whats going on with me since I havnet posted shiii since January #smdreads. Im not trying to write a biography and shii but I feel like sharing a little of whats going on. The main dilema thats happen to me is.....wait you might want to sit down for this shaun. lol well lets just say somebody..didnt graduate from high school #foreverafuckgirl. lol. its mad embarassing man I was sad for like a week. & not only is it embarassing for me but also for mi familia. do you know my mother cried on the day i was suppose to graduate!? ='^( it broke my heart.  But I told myself I can't sit around and be depressed all summer . I need to do EVERYTHING it takes to move forward and be succesful because im telling you man I have big plans. What I have to do is summer school. Summer school starts on July 19 & thank god its only for 2 weeks. But Im def. striving for an A in summer school i refuse to get any less! Please, let me be you guy's motivation too actually want too graduate and not be like me. It was pure laziness of why I didn't graduate. Not even coming into class somedays, doing bad on assignments. 1000% my fault. In a not graduating was a good thing for me and it was needed. I say this because it was the biggest wake up call  I ever got in my life. & a needed one at that. I was too rachet for my own good. Quite frankly heading down a bad path, which my parents think im still headed down. But I will prove them wrong. Im slowly realizing I need to grow up. I think Im always going to be a big ass kid at heart but I need to get myself together and stop being a fuck girl. Oh yeah I have to either take a English class at MC this fall & it transfers back to my highschool or go back to Springbrook and take a high school plus class after school for my english credit...because i failed Alg. 2 and Honors English and I cant take both of them at summer school. I made it 100X more difficult to get where i need to be at but hey what can i do accept do that issssh 100%. So no matter how much you hate school or get lazy BUST IT OUT please. It will only benefit you in the long run.  Lesson of the day: You can not skate by in life...

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